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Patient participation group

Aims of the group

Our group was established in 2012 to try to develop a positive and constructive relationship between patients and the practice.

We want the practice to be responsive to patients' needs and also for our patients to understand and support the practice's systems, thereby helping us to deliver efficient care.

We will consult the PPG ( Patient Participation Group) on all major developments within the practice and inform them of changes that have occurred. We will ask the PPG for feedback on our services and performance, so that we can assess how successful we are being in the delivery of appropriate and efficient care. We will conduct a 'Patient Satisfaction Survey' each year and discuss the results with the group, formulating an action plan and we will publish these results on this website.


All registered patients are welcome to join the PPG although the core group that will meet at least three times a year will be limited to twelve. All other members will be able to have input via email or letter. Please contact us via the 'contact us' tab if above you would like to express interest in becoming a member.

We aim to make the PPG representative of all our patients and are particularly interested in recruiting younger patients, parents of young children and people from non- British ethnic groups as they are currently not well represented on the group.

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